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NEC SAN Storage

 Are you facing storage problems?

NEC SAN Storage

Storage operation costs are too high?

More scalable, high-performance storage needed?

Backup operation causes interruption of service?

Worried that an earthquake or fire may cause disruption of the system?

SAN, NAS, disaster recovery, non-disruptive backup, and more

Accelerating deployment of broadband Internet and IT in business has been rapidly driving corporations toward global business collaboration with partners all over the world. Needless to say, the amount of accumulated data in a company is exploding. In this day and age, for corporations to strengthen their competitiveness, they have to find out how to strategically leverage the growing data.

Products: NEC Storage M Series/ D Series SAN Series

The required type of storage environment varies depending on the business style and information environment of the company. SAN, a dedicated network between servers and storage, enables high speed processing of databases with minimal influence on the LAN traffic of enterprise business systems. The NEC Storage M/D series is a series of optimum disk array systems for open systems and suitable for use in SAN environments.

D-Series SANWith NEC’s D-Series SAN storage arrays, you gain highly available and easily scalable storage for your SAN without having to sacrifice performance and flexibility.
M-Series SANNEC’s new M100 SAN storage arrays provide organizations with primary, high-capacity secondary, or tiered storage infrastructure.more

NEC Storage HS Series image_hydra

Unique product for secondary storage,
which leverages grid storage technology.

HYDRAstorThe ideal option for organizations that are ready to move beyond tape and deploy a fast, secure, cost-effective backup and archive solution that is disk-based.more